Monday, June 29, 2009

Golf Touney and Updates

I would like to take a minute to thank everyone involved in The 2nd Annual Jack Ryan Gillham Memorial Golf Tournament. It would not have been possible without the players, sponsors and volunteers!! We also had a great silent auction and would like to thank the people/companies that donated items to that! I'm not sure yet of the exact total that we raised because we still have some expenses to take care of, but I do know that we raised several thousand dollars that will be a tremendous help for families of sick babies in the year to come!!

We are so blessed to have so much support!! So, thank you so, so much!!! We are so grateful!!!

Also, the date is set for the (re-scheduled) Jack's Cruise for Compassion Poker Run. It will take place on September 19th and details will be announced soon.

Please, be in prayer for the babies listed on the side bar. It seems like the outcome of CDH comes in waves. For a while, a lot of babies will not do well and then the tide will turn and the next few babies that are born with CDH do really well. Maybe there's no truth to that at all...who knows???

Also, we are approaching what would have been Jack's 2nd birthday on July 6th. It will be a bittersweet day for us, no doubt. So, if you think about it, please say a prayer for us that day...or just stop and thank God that Jack graced this earth for 6 amazing weeks.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Prayers for Sweet Babies

Kamryn has arrived and as of now is holding her own in the NICU. Her twin sister, Brooke, has also been taken to the NICU due to some fluid on her lungs, which is not a huge concern...but still, please be in prayer for both baby girls and their Momma and Daddy.

Also, there was a little boy born yesterday (locally) that was not in good shape at all when he was, barely alive. After some investigating, it was found that the placenta has not been working properly for a few weeks and he had been deprived of oxygen and nutrients for quite some time. Please, keep baby Cooper and his parents in your prayers. Things are not looking good for little Cooper. Bless their hearts.

Monday, June 15, 2009

June Updates

I have been a terrible blog updater...I promise I will try to do better.

I have some excting news! Most of you will probably remember Quintin.

He has spent the last 19 months (yes, 19!!!) in Arkansas Children's Hospital. He was born with CDH and has dealt with many obstacles in his little life, but by God's grace, he is still with us and is GOING HOME on June 30th!!!! Praise God. Please, pray for his Momma, Katrina, as she adjusts to their new life at home. It will be HARD work, but very worth it! :)

Please be in prayer for sweet Avery and her parents (my dear friends, Shane and Carissa) as they continue down the CDH road of uncertainty.

Also, please be in prayer for Kamryn, who will be born any day now and will have to fight for her little life as well.

The 2nd Annual Jack Ryan Gillham Memorial Golf Tournament is scheduled for this Saturday (June 20th) at Oakridge Golf Course in Huntsville, AR. We are super excited about it and are praying it's a huge success so that we will be able to help even more families in the coming year!!!

Jack's Cruise for Compassion Poker Run had to be cancelled due to MAJOR rain, but has been rescheduled for September 19, 2009. I will post details as soon as we get past the golf tournament and I can think straight. :)

Thank you all for your continued support!!